Conference Theme

Neuroscience and The Senses – Healthy Ageing across the Life Course

The West Australian Health Translational Network (WAHTN) is proud to present Perth’s 5th Annual Science on the Swan Conference, June 5th to 7th 2019. 


The 2019 Co-Chairs of Science on the Swan are Ear Science Institute Australia, Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science and Lions Eye Institute.  Working collaboratively with the WAHTN, the group have created this Conference based on “Neuroscience and The Senses – Healthy Ageing across the Life Course”. 


Perth’s unique positioning with our proximity to Asia, our distance from the eastern states and our global position as the most isolated city in the world, remarkable creativity, ingenuity and innovation is being home-grown and Science on the Swan provides the ability to showcase and share amongst local scientists, researchers, students, doctors, allied health providers and consumers, the life changing work that our local institutions are working on to improve the quality of life of communities – locally, nationally and internationally. 


Science on the Swan will span the whole of life health experience from birth to the latter years and address how our brain interacts with our body and mind.  Topics including pain, vision, hearing, ageing, cognitive decline, cancer research and innovations being developed locally in the area of the senses will be featured, with special attention given to the journey from laboratory benchtop to patient bedside.   


Opportunities will be provided for emerging scientists to interact with leaders from all the major medical research institutes, universities and hospitals, through mentoring speed-dating-like sessions. 


Science on the Swan’s 2019 keynote speaker will be the highly-regarded and sought-after Dr Michael Moseley. Introductions will be made by Perth’s very own Nobel Laureate, Professor Barry Marshall. Both Dr Moseley and Professor Marshall are exemplary examples of taking medical research to the next level via translational research that has a direct impact on improving the health of millions.  


This year’s Conference will also feature notable leadership figures from many of our fellow Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres colleagues’ from across Australia who will travel to Perth to experience and be informed on the latest in WA Health Research, with the intent of identifying potential collaborative opportunities as part of the one billion dollar medical research Future Fund which requires real national collaboration.